Nothing’s sweet about cow bone char

Very interesting article with an extremely moving video clip at the end.

Conveniently Vegan

Helloooo everyone!

Weird title, right?? Well today’s post is a weird one as well!

So today’s topic is one that may surprise you guys, or maybe you all already know what I’m about to say and this post is pointless..? Ether way…

Did you guys know that non-organic sugar isn’t technically vegan?

Let me break it down for you: non-organic sugar doesn’t contain any animal products, so technically its contents are vegan. But here’s where it gets tricky.

While its contents are vegan, non-organic sugar “is processed with animal bone char,” the bone char usually being “derived from cow bones.”

If you’re cool with your sugar being processed with bone char, then by all means do you, but for me, I’m not tooooo happy eating something that had to be processed with an animal’s body part.

But that’s just me.

There is good news though!!! Organic raw and/or natural sugar…

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