A Generation Lost In Face – Poem by Alexa Terezakis

& onto the next

Talk of fear:

I do not fear darkness

For I know the light of day

Will always rise to meet me in

The morning

I do not fear time

For time is healing,

Simply a ghost of our stars

Lingering in the night sky

I do not fear the unknown

For it is the unknown

Which holds the very foundation

For wonder

What I truly fear:

My generation

The millennials lost in their own thought

Trapped like flies to the lure

Of a glowing screen

Absorbed in a real-time,

Make believe world

Such as this,

Much different from the ones we would create as


For this new world has

Seals of approval,

Statuses of acceptability,

Split second reaction time

To impatience

& onto the next

Wave of updates

No more are the days of

Thoughtful make-believe,

Using our expansive minds

To the best of our ability

Creating new skies with just our


& onto the next


The richness of writing letters,

Spilling out ones heart across a page

With the whole circuit effort

Of muscle & bone

Not just one’s thumbs

Taking pictures to hold in one’s hand

To cherish the moments

Rather than accepting their dissolve

In seconds,

Both lost and forgotten

& onto the next


Cannot be lost

In all the waves of change

We still find individuals

Whose mere souls

Have faced the tails of time

Those who reach out to one another

In miraculous touch

The unspoken conversation

Of mankind


These old souls provide hope

For our generation

Lost in the making of

The generations before us

As they chose to

Disregard the consequences

Of what their new technology

Would create

And destroy

& onto the next


words by Alexa Terezakis

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