{Out Loud}

Would you be the wind to blow me home?
Would you be a dream on the wings of a poem?
And if we were walking through a cloud
Well, you know I’d be proud

If you call my name out loud
If you call my name out loud
Do you suppose that I would come running?
Do you suppose I’d come at all?
I suppose I would, I suppose I would
I suppose I would, I suppose
Yeah, yeah, yeah

And if we were walking down a dead end street
Would you be that one to let our eyes meet?
Or would you just keep on walking down to the turn around
‘Cause you know that I’d be proud

If you call my name out loud
If you call my name out loud
Do you suppose that I would come running?
Do you suppose I’d come at all?
I suppose I would

And if we were gone from the land we know
Would you be the dawn and let your beauty still show
And if ever I were walking and heard the cold night coming
Would you call my name? ‘Cause you know I’d come running

If you call my name out loud
If you call my name out loud
Do you suppose that I would come running
Do you suppose I’d come at all?

You know I would, you know I would, yeah
You know I would, you know I would
Yeah I come runnin’, I come runnin’
I come runnin’, I come runnin’
If you call my name out loud

Lyrics by Dispatch

Mediterranean Falafel with Greek Salad – [Vegan, Gluten Free]

Hello lovelies! I’m so sorry for my absence. Luckily, it’s given me time to conjure up some new recipes, including this healthy and delicious falafel recipe, adapted from various recipes from the One Green Planet recipe catalog. It is a wonderful site for healthy, cruelty-free meals (you’re welcome). Set atop a delicious Greek salad, this falafel made my stomach smile in the most literal sense. (Seriously. It felt like my stomach was smiling when I was eating this meal.) I have a feeling it’s because of the amazingly good for you ingredients in this recipe, which include hearty chickpeas, protein-packed quinoa, and heart healthy Chai seeds. Continue reading

Rain Forest Bridge

I love the flow of this poem

O at the Edges


Rain Forest Bridge

To cross
you must first
trust the strands

to hold.
The second tentative
step precedes
the next,

each successive one
gaining strength:
here to

there, now
to then, a summoning of
one’s faith.

Vapor meets cooler air,
forming droplets,
clouding the far side.

I have feared endings
and the strictures of the unseen,

but here
in this vast
I know

one line
bisects the void.

* * *

“Rain Forest Bridge” first appeared in Four Ties Lit Review in August, 2014.

A recording of it may be found on the Four Ties site.


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Daily Dose of Philosophical Encouragement

Hello, world.
I’m always a sucker for some wholesome, philosophical goodness in the form of words so sweet they flow like honey.

This post by a fellow blogger carries this goodness & led me to the following words of beautiful wisdom:

“What is a fear of living? It’s being preeminently afraid of dying. It is not doing what you came here to do, out of timidity and spinelessness. The antidote is to take full responsibility for yourself – for the time you take up and the space you occupy. If you don’t know what you’re here to do, then just do some good.”

– Maya Angelou

Wishing you a day of love,


A Quote to Live By

Some powerful words in regards to fighting against animal cruelty:

“Compassion is a renewable resource. It is flexing a muscle that grows stronger as we use it. We know that those who benefit from our compassion- it can mean the difference between life and death, freedom or imprisonment. We are in a position where we hold so much power, just as people; people who have the means to have a voice & the freedom to have a voice. We must not squander this opportunity that we have. We must do everything that we can.”

Nathan Runkle, founder of Mercy For Animals

See full video here. It’s the kind that makes you proud to be vegan & is a great reminder of why you chose (or are thinking about chosing) this lifestyle.

Nothing’s sweet about cow bone char

Very interesting article with an extremely moving video clip at the end.

Conveniently Vegan

Helloooo everyone!

Weird title, right?? Well today’s post is a weird one as well!

So today’s topic is one that may surprise you guys, or maybe you all already know what I’m about to say and this post is pointless..? Ether way…

Did you guys know that non-organic sugar isn’t technically vegan?

Let me break it down for you: non-organic sugar doesn’t contain any animal products, so technically its contents are vegan. But here’s where it gets tricky.

While its contents are vegan, non-organic sugar “is processed with animal bone char,” the bone char usually being “derived from cow bones.”

If you’re cool with your sugar being processed with bone char, then by all means do you, but for me, I’m not tooooo happy eating something that had to be processed with an animal’s body part.

But that’s just me.

There is good news though!!! Organic raw and/or natural sugar…

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Quinoa Pancakes (vegan!)

Protein-rich quinoa flour is the base for this recipe, made hardy with some whole-wheat oats, vegan buttermilk, and banana in replace of egg. With a touch of cinnamon and plant-based sweetener in place of syrup, these pancakes will surely satisfy your hardy pancake breakfast craving-without the food-coma consequences. Continue reading